Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 79

Cindy-Illinois:  Dinner tonight; Crispy Crumb-Topped Chicken, Garlic Roasted
Potatoes and Snow Peas.  Even the kids thought it was yummy.  SCORE!
Tatiana - Prague: Another friend of Adri is going away...another "Good Bye" card...
Daniela - Lima: Pisco Sour... the national drink.
Gonzalo - Madrid: Enjoying the beach in Lima

Jennifer - Toronto:  This Kansas girl might be living in Canada but tonight I'll be cheering for the Jayhawks!  Go KU!

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Kristin said...

These are gorgeous photos - Daniela, why is the pisco so green? It's beautiful, but I've never seen one that color in Chile or Peru! I want the recipe!!!!!