Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 78

Jennifer - Toronto:  Is it winter or spring . . . so confusing.
Cindy-Illinois:  While unpacking a box, I found this Mother's Day
Gift from Alex from the 1st Grade.  The jar is filled with his
thoughts of why I am special to him.  A true treasure!
Gonzalo - Madrid: Final sun rays in Lima
Tatiana - Prague: Along with flowers and great weather, Spring is also bringing joy to new moms. 
First baby of the group was born last week. (Yes, all of them are pregnant...)

Daniela - Lima: This was the time when I went home.... Was a long day


Bob and Cathy said...

Jennifer, that shot sums up our climate exactly.

donna said...

Jennifer, I vote for spring. Can't be far away.

Cindy said...

Daniela, poor you! That is a VERY long day!