Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 262

Daniela - Lima: Traditional clay oven for making bread.
Gonzalo - Lima:  remembering Barcelona
Tatiana - Prague: One more issue in the prints. This one is a special one, double number of copies for 20th anniversary. Can't wait to have it in my hands!

Jennifer - Toronto:  We traveled two hours north to Deerhurst Resort.  It was the location of the G8 summit.
Beautiful property - great lake - amazing fall colors! 

Cindy-Illinois:  Today I was the back seat driver for the 1st official driving lesson.
It went well.  No one yelled, cried or freaked out!


Kristin said...

Cindy - oh my gosh it seems like yesterday that we went through that. I learned to breathe very deeply and only have one adult in the car when he was driving - made it easier for everybody! I'm sure he'll do great.

Bob and Cathy said...

Cindy,I'm sure the price of Miss Clairol stock went up the years when we had 3 boys learning to drive because that's when most of my hair went white. We lost 3 cars,
but all the people survived.

Cindy said...

Thanks Kristin and Cathy for the encouragement. I'm certainly going to have to learn patience, patience, patience!