Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 132

Gonzalo - Madrid: View from our office in Rotterdam
Daniela - Lima: Barcelona - Gaudí design building.

Cindy-Illinois:  In the Boy Scouts Award Ceremony, the newest scouts
were awarded a wooden token for learning how to use a pocket knife correctly.
My son was the only one to immediately have two corners of his token lopped
off for injuring himself with the knife and drawing blood.  Yep, that's my boy!
Jennifer - Toronto:  Seriously, it is not funny anymore.
Tatiana - Prague: Another option for the magazine cover.


Jen said...

Cindy - :)

Bob and Cathy said...

Cindy, As a Scout mom and Scoutmaster wife, all I can say is: that's hilarious. Can't wait till he makes Eagle and that story is told at his ceremony.

Cindy said...

Cathy, let's just hope he makes it to Eagle Scout without accumulating too many scars!