Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 110

Gonzalo - Madrid: Another HDR from Cuzco main square

Daniela - Lima: One of the best ice cream ever.... mmmm

Cindy-Illinois:  Parting ways in the Denver airport.  The kids and
I heading home and Greg heading to his connecting flight to India.

Jennifer - Toronto:  Remembering Easters past by looking at my Ukrainian Pysanky Eggs.
Tatiana - Prague: Restaurant #42 in the world, too good we got a free bill for taking so long to bring the meals. Still food was excellent and desserts oh so yummy!


Jen said...

Gonzalo - or anyone, if you have a good website explaining how to do an HDR photo, I would love to try one of my own.

Kristin said...

What is an HDR photo? I think they are beautiful, but I don't know what that means!!!!!

Cindy said...

Jen, your eggs are incredibly beautiful. Here is a great link I found on HDR (High Dynamic Range).

Gonzalo said...

You have to take 3 different pictures of the same thing with different exposure -2,0,+2 and blend them with a special program.
i use photomatix pro 3.0; it is very easy to use