Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 83

Cindy-Illinois:  I am so happy we moved onto this street.  Within 4 or 5 houses,
there are 3 other 5th Grade boys.  Alex can walk a short distance down the street
to play with his friends! :)
Tatiana - Prague: In training for the soon to start parenthood! Baby K come before the end of March please!
Gonzalo - Madrid: Last one from my amazing trip to Cuzco
Daniela - Lima: @ the mechanic workshop.

Jennifer - Toronto:  My son's school is selling t-shirts reminding people to pray for Japan. 
Proceeds go to the Canadian Red Cross.  As a bonus, students who purchase a
 t-shirt can wear it instead of their uniform this week.

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Cindy said...

Jennifer, What a nice thing for your school to do.