Thursday, January 6, 2011


I started this blog hoping you will enjoy and follow us on our "journey" during 2011 in photos. I got inspired after spending a day home sick and reading over blogs when I found Nie Nie and her amazing survival story after a plane crash. In her blog I found this interesting idea, a person she doesn't know from a whole other part of the world and her would post pictures - random pictures - nothing planned during everyday of the year. This is her second year doing it. She also got inspired by some other people who ended up publishing a book of their pictures

So I spend a couple of days looking after these two blogs and I decided "better later than never"  I think you are supposed to start on the first of the year, but it takes some time to get the your friends to buy the idea of one whole year of posting pictures and this is one reason we start on the 6th with the better later than never behind us...

I "volunteered" some friends from different parts in the world and asked them "what do you think about posting one picture EVERYDAY for the rest of the year!"
I was happily surprised that overnight I got 3 people interested in doing it. From there and thanks to their suggestions and concerns it developed into this GROUP blog. Once a day picture for the rest of the year. And the most exciting part is that we are all from different places in the world and only I know them all and they know only 2 people within this group.

We are living in Illinois-USA, Lima-Peru, Madrid-Spain, Toronto-Canada and Prague-Czech Republic. Different places, cultures, food, weather but I think we will find out how similar we can be at the same time.

Follow us,  tell your friends and relatives to follow us, and together let's see what happens at this end of this 2011.


Bob and Cathy said...

I am the first follower! Hello from New Jersey. Good luck with this project, ladies. I think this will be very interesting.

Cristina Prado said...

I will follow you and I suggest you to post pictures from the typical fruits, vegetables and food in general from your countries. I love it !!! Good luck
for you all !